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At BHI, we know what works in the real world and what doesn’t when it comes to tactical weaponry. As former U.S. Army Special Forces members and current trainers of domestic and international special operations teams, we are subject matter experts who apply practical lessons learned to our product development. We don’t do gimmicks or cut corners because lives depend on the decisions we make as a manufacturer and supplier to the military.

We use only premium components manufactured and assembled to the highest possible standards. Our weapon components are selected for reliability, durability and practical performance in real-world combat conditions, and all BHI weapons meet the rigorous standards of practical tactical operational capability. How do we know? We’ve done it in both combat and law enforcement venues, and we continually train the A-teams who do it every day.

Unlike most mass-market manufacturers, we don’t build paper tigers and put them into production. Our combat experience and lessons learned from ongoing training of special operations members through BHI Training are part of every firearm we make. This gives consumers confidence that their BHI weapon will perform up to and, in many cases, exceed the exacting standards of military grade firearms in terms of performance and reliability.

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